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Auto Wash & Detail Services in the Greater Seattle Area

Kenny's Auto Detail does it all, including several car cleaning services that many competitors can't provide. For example, we specialize in new models, classic cars and trucks, and high-end luxury vehicles, boats, motorhomes and recreational vehicles (RVs), and commercial fleet company cars, trucks or vans.

  • Auto Exterior Detail (including tar, moss etc. removal)
  • Automotive Waxing & Buffing
  • Auto Interior Detail (including odor and mold removal)
  • Vehicle Fabric Cleaning
  • Vehicle Fabric Protecting
  • Auto Water Damage Restoration
  • Vehicle Undercoating & Rust Protection
  • Car Engines Degreasing and Steam cleaning
  • Car Window Cleaning
  • Car Carpet Cleaning & Vacuuming
  • Tires & Wheel Cleaning

Detailing ServicesAll of our car cleaning packages start with methodical hand washing, window cleaning and vacuuming, and we don't cut corners; we clean to a sparkle! Our more comprehensive interior detailing packages include shampooing the interior, cleaning and conditioning all vinyl and leather, and generally making every nook and cranny of your auto shine from door jams to air vents.

For a more thorough cleaning of your auto's exterior, we offer auto detailing packages that include a three stage buff and wax using only the best 100% Carnauba finish wax, and washing and dressing of the tires, wheels and wheel wells. Want even more? Unlike many other auto detailing companies, we even offer steam cleaning for your engine, underbody and undercoat!

"Remember how people used to extend that extra hand of courtesy, and small town businesses would go the extra mile? Well, here it is all rolled into one and right there in Lake City! My car had a freakish electric short, and on their own the windows went down just in time for a downpour. Awesome. When I went out in the morning there was so much water it went 'squish' when I sat down.

Long story short, I called Kenny's Auto Detail and he took it in immediately! He sucked out all the water, shampooed the whole inside, dried it out over night, and it sparkled from head to toe! All for less than $44.00! Plus, don't tell him I told you, but he extended the kind of kindness to a stranger that you don't see much anymore. He's honest, affordably priced, and a good solid citizen. Head over there!"


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