Benefits of Professional Auto Detailing vs DIY

Benefits of Professional Auto Detailing vs DIYFor many people giving their car a deep clean is a chore they'd rather not do, for others it's a grand part of car ownership. In either case you have two primary options, do it yourself or head to a professional auto detailer. Many people write off using a pro because they'd rather not invest the cost into their car, but the result would likely make them reconsider. Besides, doing it yourself incurs its own costs as well. Here's what you should consider when choosing between doing it yourself or heading to the auto detail shop.

Save on Shopping Time & Product Costs

If you want to do the job yourself you're going to have to research all the products and tools you'll need to get the job done for your car. Leather or vinyl? Dark color paint or light color paint? Aluminum or chrome? There are so many factors to consider when purchasing products, many of which come with a hefty price tag, even if you just want to use them once. A pro will have all the supplies on hand to ensure your car turns out perfect.

Save Water

Washing the outside of your car in the driveway may seem like a cheap alternative to having a pro do it, but factor in the cost of water and you could see a spike in your bill. Not only does that water costs money, but much of it won't even end up on the car, resulting in wasted natural resources. A pro uses the proper amount of water.

Fast Service

Aside from the amount of time you'll spend shopping for the products needed to clean your car, you'll actually have to do the dirty work. You may estimate an hour to get the job done, but that could quickly turn into two, three, four or more as you dig deeper into your vehicle's needs. A professional has detailing down to a science, meaning they'll have your car in and out of the shop very quick.

Extreme Clean

There won't be any worry about missing a spot if you head to the detail shop. Highly trained auto detailers will have your car looking brand new inside and out once they are done with it!

If you want your car to truly shine head to the pros. For expert auto detailing in North Seattle visit the team at Kenny's Auto Detail. We take great pride in restoring our customer's car's appearance to a showroom shine. To learn how we do it or to schedule an appointment for professional auto detail in Seattle give us a call at 206-866-6377 today!

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