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Auto Detail

Executive Auto Detail       
(Our Most Popular!)

Cars: $199.95
Trucks: $209.95
SUVs: $239.95

  •    Steam Clean Engine, Wheels, and Wheel Wells
  •    Careful Interior Vacuum and Window Wash
  •    Complete Cleaning and Dressing of Leather and Vinyl
  •    Three Stage Exterior Buff and 100% Carnauba Finish Wax
  •    Complete Shampoo of Interior, Including the Trunk
  •    Door Jams and Trunk Jam Cleaning

Ultimate Auto Detail:        

Cars: $269.95
Trucks: $279.95
SUVs: $299.95

  •    Complete Shampoo of Interior, Including the Trunk
  •    Complete Cleaning of Leather, Vinyl, and Vents
  •    3M Scotch Guarding and Leather Care Treatment
  •    Steam Cleaning of Door Jams, Trunk Jam, Wheels and Wheel Wells
  •    Three Stage Buff and 100% Carnauba Finish Wax
  •    Paint Sealant and Rainex Window Treatment
  •    Steam Cleaning of Top to Bottom of Engine

Quick Stop Auto Detail       

Cars: $29.95
Trucks: $32.95
SUVs: $35.95

  •    Thorough Exterior Hand Wash
  •    Full Interior Vacuum
  •    All Windows Washed

Automotive Interior Detail   

Cars: $99.95
Trucks: $119.95
SUVs: $139.95

  •    Clean Vents, Windows and Door Jams
  •    Shampoo Interior
  •    Clean and Dress Vinyl or Leather
  •    Wash Exterior and Dress Tires

Exterior Auto Detail            

Cars: $109.95
Trucks: $119.95
SUVs: $139.95

  •    Careful Hand Wash
  •    Three Stage Buff and Wax with 100% Carnauba Finish Wax
  •    Clean and Dress Wheels and Tires
  •    Vacuum and Wash Windows

Vehicle Engine Detail        

Cars: $109.95
Trucks: $119.95
SUVs: $139.95

  •    Steam Clean Engine Top to Bottom

Undercoat Detail            

All Vehicles: $169.95

  •    Steam Clean Under Body and Undercoat

One Shot Auto Detail:     

Cars: $159.95
Trucks: $169.95
SUVs: $199.95

  •    Complete Interior Cleaning
  •    Shampoo Carpets, Dress Vinyl or Leather, Wash All Windows
  •    Three Stage Buff and Wax
  •    Wheel and Tire Wash and Dress
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